Expand your lab with a great new controller that allows an even higher level of creativity!

  • MIDI guitar that easily connects to your existing lab, or as a stand-alone classroom tool.
  • Unleash creativitiy using guitar skills.
  • Learn quickly with apps that give immediate feedback!

Korg NanoKEY Studio and NanoKONTROL Studio represent some of the most advanced and affordable MIDI controllers on the market, featuring Bluetooth connectivity, portability, and hands-on control.

·       USB or Battery operation: 30 hours on 2 AAA batteries

·       Operate up to 30 uniquely-identified Bluetooth controllers in one classroom 

·       Take hands-on control with keys, buttons, pads, faders, and knobs

·       Practice, compose, or perform on the go with best-in-class portability- fits in a backpack or messenger bag