KORG Keys for Kids Fundraising Program

Korg’s exclusive Keys for Kids fundraising program is simple: fill up all of the keyboards with “sold” keys, turn in the completed keyboards with collected funds and start making music!


Parents and local businesses each “purchase” or sponsor a key, an octave (12 keys) or a keyboard until funds are raised. When you are asking for only $3-$5 per key, families and local businesses will be excited to contribute. Students will bring back the “sold” keys to fill up the posters in class until their goal is met. Korg has partnered with your local music store to supply all of the materials you need to accomplish your fundraising goal, including:


  • Posters for each classroom to show progress during the fundraising campaign
  • Donation envelopes
  • A sample fundraising letter and press release template to get the word out
  • Online digital assets to advertise the efforts via email and social media blasts
  • Incentives and rewards are available, ask your music dealer for details to get your students excited about this fundraiser!



Kick-Start Your Program

If you are excited about the idea of integrating music technology in your school, but aren’t sure how to get the programs going – we are here to help! From creative ideas to raise funds and awareness to lesson plans and curriculum, we have a solution to make this possible for your school.



Marketing Materials

Korg Education is happy to provide all of the fundraising marketing materials to your school FREE of charge! Simply work with us directly or your local music dealer to decide your fundraising goals, and we’ll ship you everything you need for a successful music-minded fundraising campaign. We’ll also send you a complete package of digital assets so you can advertise your music fundraiser online! Leverage your parent and community email lists, Facebook and other social networking communities and your school or PTA website to get everyone involved in building a new music technology program at your school!


Click here to get your fundraiser started today!