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Programming in the Zone
Thurs, Nov 7, 2013

Course Instructor: Michael Hopkins
This session will include information about one of the great challenges ensemble directors face - selecting high-quality repertoire that matches the musical and technical levels of our ensembles. It has been suggested that thoughtful repertoire selection leads to increased student motivation as well as greater enthusiasm for the music program from parents, administrators, teachers, and community members.

Making great ensemble recordings
Fri, Nov 8, 2013

Course Instructor: Michael Fein
Making Great Ensemble Recordings, Start to Finish Learn how to make professional sounding recordings of your performing ensembles. This session will cover practical knowledge of the entire recording and production process from microphone selection and placement to mixing and mastering.

Music Assessment using the iPad
Mon, Nov 11, 2013

Course Instructor: Tom Rudolph, Ed. D
Overview of assessment strategies using the iPad: audio recording students in vocal and instrumental ensembles with WavePad (free) and GarageBand ($4.99); SmartMusic assessment (free), and Music Theory exercises using Tenuto ($2.99).

Embedding Music Improvisation
Thurs, Nov 14, 2013

Course Instructor: Lois Veenhoven Guderian
Interactive session engages music educators in an approach to general music where assignments in music improvisation and composition are an outgrowth of, related to, and reinforcing of course content thus providing students with opportunities to apply what they are learning in creative ways. Teachers will develop understandings in ways to engage students in standards-based, sequentially-designed curriculum while at the same time nurturing students’ creative thinking in music. Included: participation in creative assignments for general music teaching per age categories of elementary, middle, and high school learners.

Intro to Finale Music Notation Software
Mon, Nov18, 2013

Course Instructor: Anthony Ferrara
Featuring an overview of Finale Document and Template options, Simple Note Entry, Simple Edit and Simple Navigation Commands; additionally, the concepts of Finale Tools, Text Editing, and Playback Controls and Options will be clearly explained and demonstrated.

(FREEBIE) Beyond the Bubbles
Thurs, Nov 21, 2013 from 7-8pm EST

Course Instructor: Chris Woodside
Along with the scandals and the burnout that we are reading about more and more with every passing day, the real underreported crisis of the current education reform movement is that great kids are all too often getting “lost” in the maze of high-stakes testing. Music can helps kids “find” themselves during a formative time in their development, but all too often, it’s taking a back seat to math and reading assessment, and that’s wrong. Even worse, far too often music educators are arguing for the value of a classroom music education based on criteria such as how music benefits learning in other subjects and even how it helps to better prepare kids for Common Core testing. Music education should be, first and foremost, about the joy of experiencing and performing music, and NAfME’s new “Beyond the Bubbles” campaign is aimed at reminding advocates of exactly that.

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