Gail Liebold
Gail has been part of the Korg USA family since 1986 serving in its customer service department. She provided support to members of the sales team and their territories, which included the New England and Southwest states. Gail took a leave of absence from Korg USA in 1996 to raise her two daughters. Gail joined SoundTree the educational division of Korg USA as a part time employee back in 2009 and has been a full time employee since 2016. She provides optimal customer service and support for schools, universities, and government agencies.
Rob Paterson
With over a decade of industry experience and a dynamic educational background, Rob Paterson brings a diverse and robust skillset to SoundTree. His passion for music began early and grew exponentially because of the first class music education he received. Building on a strong foundation, Rob went on to develop his skills as a performer, engineer, and educator in various studios, performance spaces, and classrooms all over the country. His deep interest and understanding of the intersection of music, technology, and education further fueled his passion and allowed him to build long term client relationships in every position he has held. Ultimately, Rob sites his music education as the defining factor of his professional development and is dedicated to helping schools provide their students with the best possible educational experience utilizing modern music technology.
Chris Kearney
Chris is a graduate of Molloy College in Rockville Center, NY where he received a B.A. in Communications. After graduation, Chris launched what would be the first of several career paths that ultimately shaped what would turn out to be an all-around, service oriented, over-achieving person. He worked his way up the ranks at Enterprise Rent-A-Car where he ran his own Branch for 2 years before ultimately moving on to other companies honing his skills in sales, management, & customer service. Chris was a Territory Manager in the Animal Health space for over 10 years where he truly learned how to run his own business and stood out as the “go-to” person for all things related to growing a business. Starting at the age of 12, and weaving a path throughout his childhood, school and career paths, has been a strong passion for music. Chris’ passion for music performance & study, in combination with his prior success in business, has led him to a position with SoundTree & KORG USA as the Education Technology Specialist for the USA Southeast territory. Chris has been a guitarist and vocalist for over 20 years, performing solo and in various groups, and has always been focused on the latest trends in the music industry and technology.
Stephen DeSalvo
Stephen Desalvo has been a student of music education since the early years of his life. As a SoundTree education technology specialist. With over 20+ years of experience as a playing musician. He has dedicated himself not only to his work but to make sure his clients receive a prodigious amount of service and support for which he finds is a necessity. All while having a proud collection of musical instruments that he has diligently learned to play, truly shows as a testament to what comes with having a deep desire for the lifelong study of music, which all stemmed from his childhood music education classes. He takes music education and advancing in the ability to understand music with great devotion. He acknowledges the importance of how having the proper tools to execute such a study is almost as important as having the lesson to begin with. Leaving him with an undeniable passion for wanting to help teachers and students of all ages succeed in the classroom, he delivers a knowledgeable skill set to all customers, by applying his insight along with his sociable and affable personality to every situation, this truly describes the experience he brings to everyone.